Growing up in the beautiful city of San Diego, Jenny is a young and enthusiastic photographer who never goes anywhere without her camera. Since she graduated from the Multimedia Visual Arts School, Jenny developed the skills and passion of a bold, experienced, and unique photographer with an artistic eye for composition and expression. She excelled through her photography courses at San Diego State University and is currently offering professional services to Southern California.

Jenny is a challenging and imaginative individual in the world of photography. Her work is both carefully thought out and spontaneously crafted into masterpieces. Her style is relaxed, candid, and modern. One of her greatest joy and talent is capturing those special moments at just the right time… When a baby smirks a smile and a mother watches over how much her child had grown. That moment right before a couple’s kiss where they gaze in each others eyes… a kiss in the middle of a crowded street, a city sparkling its lights before dusk, details of a flower’s drink in the morning, or a loving family’s laughter.

Seeing the world in a insightful perspective, Jenny strives to continue capturing people’s moments through her Artistic, Exciting, and Refreshing Photography.